Yard Waste

The City of Aspen’s Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF) prohibits anyone from throwing away yard waste including grass and leaves in the trash. This is because organic wastes make up the second largest volume of material at the landfill and can be converted into a valuable soil amendment (compost). 

Properly Dispose of Yard Waste

  • Aspen residents can recycle leaves and grass all year at the Rio Grande Recycle Center
    • No branches, brush, bags or pots are allowed inside the Yard Waste bin.
    • Commercial landscapers and property managers must take yard waste to the landfill. 
    • Loose leaves and grass must be emptied from bags through the grate on top of the yard waste bin. 
    • Only compostable bags may be discarded in the yard waste bin.
    • Plastic or other non-compostable bags can be put in the small brown totes onsite. 
  • The Pitkin County Landfill accepts Yard Waste. 
    • Yard waste collected in compostable bags may be dropped off at a price per ton.
    • Pitkin County residents have a $100 per year waste allowance to use for disposal costs.

leaf bin horizontal