Idling Vehicles

Idling is Illegal in Aspen

It is illegal to idle a parked vehicle for more than 5 minutes in the City of Aspen. (City Ordinance section 13.08.110 (PDF)). It is also illegal to leave a vehicle running for any amount of time while it is unattended according to state law.

Report and Idling Vehicle

Citizens may report idling vehicles by calling our office at 970-920-5039. The following information is necessary for a warning or citation to be issued: 

  • identify yourself 
  • provide your contact information
  • provide information regarding your observations

To report an "idling-in-progress" within Aspen City limits during business hours please provide:

  • Company name (if a commercial vehicle)
  • Vehicle description
  • Date
  • Time
  • License plate number
  • Location

Idling at Construction Sites

If you are concerned about an idling vehicle on a construction site, please contact a Construction Mitigation Officer in the City of Aspen Engineering Department at 970-920-5080.