Best Management of Construction Sites

Whenever anything is built, construction disturbs the soil in which the site sits. This dug up and disturbed soil is no longer held in place and can easily be washed into the stormwater system by a runoff event. High concentrations of sediment can greatly damage river ecosystems, thus sediment from construction sites must be controlled and kept out of stormwater drains. Drain covers, silt fences, sediment barriers, hay bales, and soil covers must be used to keep sediment from construction on-site and out of the river. 

Silt fence along a ridge line next to a riverDrain Covers

Drain covers cover stormwater drains that are near construction sites. These covers prevent larger sediment from entering the drain, while still allowing water to pass. This is a temporary solution as the covers quickly fill with sediment and can clog if left too long.

Silt Fences

Silt fences are placed along the perimeter of a construction site or anywhere runoff could carry sediment away from the construction site.Silt fences don’t filter runoff but rather cause runoff to pool behind the fence. Sediment then settles in these small pools of water and is kept on-site.It is important the silt fences are properly installed and maintained to be truly effective.

Soil Covers

It is important to cover any piles of soil during construction. Loose uncovered soil is easily carried away by rain.