Liquor Licensing

Approval Process

The City Clerk’s office processes all types of liquor license transactions. Some applications can be approved by the city staff but most require approval by the Local Licensing Authority (LLA). The Authority meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 9 a.m. in the City Council meeting room.

Temporary Permits

Transfer of ownership and Temporary Permits require certain circumstances. A temporary permit may be granted within 5 days after receipt of application for transfer.

New Licenses / Location Changes

Application paperwork must be filed with the City Clerk at least 30 days prior to the public hearing with the Local Licensing Authority.


There is a new process for obtaining fingerprints.  Applicants Must schedule an appointment with Identogo at and provide them with the service  codes for Aspen.  Liquor Licenses - 25YQ6K.  Retail Marijuana - 25YQ72.  Medical Marijuana - 25YQ8H.  The State is no longer accepting paper fingerprint cards.

Modification of Premise

Does not require a trip to the LLA but does require paperwork for interior remodel DR8442 (PDF).

Manager Registration

If you hold a Hotel and Restaurant or Tavern License you are required to have at least one manager registered with the State. Complete the DR8442 - Report of Changes (PDF) and drop of a check for $30 payable to the CO Department of Revenue to the City Clerk's office (only need a check if the manager is not an owner).

Liquor License Renewal

Renewals are processed administratively prior to the annual expiration of the liquor license. The State will mail out the renewal form approximately 90 days before the license expires. The form gets returned to the City Clerk with the State and Local fees and is approved by the City Clerk. It is then returned by the Clerk to the State. The replacement renewal is the DR8400 (PDF).

New Licenses, Transfer of Ownership and Change of Location all require a public hearing before the Local Licensing Authority. There are public noticing requirements that must be met for this. Since the Authority only meets once per month, we strongly encourage you to coordinate with the City Clerk well in advance when considering applying for a liquor license.

The City Clerk also issues liquor licenses for special events. This type of license requires a non-profit sponsor the event. Each non-profit is eligible to sponsor 15 event days per calendar year. There is a 10 day posting period required prior to the event so plan accordingly. Applicants must apply on the DR8439 form (PDF). Make check payable to the City of Aspen.

Art Gallery Permit

Art Galleries can apply for a permit to serve complimentary beer and wine for 15 calendar days (not to exceed 4 hours) on form DR8443.

State Forms

Find the link to all State forms.


Liquor License fees (PDF) were increased $50 starting January 2013.


The City of Aspen requires alcohol awareness training for 75% of servers in any liquor licensed establishment, Section 5.08.080 of the Municipal Code. This training is valid for 3 years.