Grant Funding Materials and Guidelines

2024 Non-Profit Grant Cycle: Practice Applications

2024 Non-Profit Grant Cycle: Estimated Timelines

 Non-Profit Grant Lifecycle Overview

Float Chart displaying the Grant Application Lifecycle

Guidelines & Criteria Posted

  • All information that applicants need is made available prior to the opening of the application window. This includes copies of the application, changes to review criteria, financial guidelines, and other pertinent instructions. City staff hosts a training and Q&A session during this time.

Application Window Opens

  • Applications are eligible for submittal. City staff is available to clarify application requirements throughout the open window.

Applications Submitted

  • Application windows closes. Late applications are not accepted.

Staff Eligibility Review

  • City staff performs a review of organizational financial information, ensuring that participating organizations are eligible to receive grant funding.

Grant Committee Review

  • Grant review committee members evaluate all applications and score each application based on objective criteria. Committee member requests for clarity are facilitated through City staff.

Steering Committee Evaluation

  • The grants steering committee aggregates review committee member scores and uses this score to generate initial funding recommendations.

City Council Finalizes Awards

  • City Council reviews these funding recommendations and finalize award amounts.

Grantee Notification

  • Grantees are notified of award decisions. If receiving an award, grantee works with City staff to complete necessary paperwork. 
  • After notification, any applicant may ask for a summary of the grant review and/or steering committee comments on their application or ask for clarification regarding the decision. In such instances, the City grants representative must be contacted in writing no later than 30 days after the final notification.

Awards Issued

  • Funding is disbursed to all selected grantees.

If you have questions, or need further information, please contact Natalie Blumentritt at 970-309-5631 or