Arts & Culture Grants 

The City of Aspen supports artistically excellent non-profit organizations and individuals who contribute to the cultural vibrancy of our community.

Closed Pilot Grants: 

2023 Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship - Youth and Adult Grant

Budget: $60,000

Grant Timeline: June 2023 to Summer 2024 with a final public celebration/ convening. 

Guidelines: Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship Grant Guidelines (PDF) 

Participating Artists (Adult): Teresa Booth Brown, Curt Carpenter, Kevin Kaukl, Nika Meyers, Kristina Braga Wright, Sandra Prado, Lara Whitley, Samuel Harvey, Madeleine Scott, Marilyn Lowey, Mindy Vernon, Tammie Lane 

The Aspen Artist Fellowship stimulates cultural vibrancy in Aspen through the direct support of local artists. This grant provides funding to local artists for their creative pursuits and fosters relationship building within the artistic community.   

The Cultural Vibrancy Fellowship is the first grant provided by the City of Aspen intended to support individuals and is split into two categories: Adult and Youth. Created out of a desire by Council to explore new ways to stimulate cultural vibrancy in Aspen, this grant program seeks to offer direct support to local artists. 

2023 Asset & Acquisition Assistance

Budget: $250,000

Guidelines: Asset and Acquisition Grant Guidelines (PDF)

Grant Timeline: May 2023 to August 2024

Awarded Organizations: Aspen Art Museum, Aspen Film, Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Music Festival and School, Aspen Public Radio, Theatre Aspen

The Asset & Acquisition grant is intended to help eligible arts & cultural non-profits make the most of their facilities, and provide the assets and equipment necessary, to help these organizations offer the best community experience possible.