Hallam and Garmisch

Storm Pipe & Water Main Replacement Project

In 2023, the storm water infrastructure was replaced and modified to alleviate drainage issues. Work began on Hallam Street at 1st Street and continued east towards Garmisch.


The existing corrugated metal storm pipe along Garmisch Street is undersized, rusted and degraded. In sections the pipe has fully disintegrated and left holes. The storm pipe on Garmisch has outlived its useful life and needs replacement. If ignored, the degraded pipe could cause damage to the roadway, adjacent property or cause unsafe road conditions resulting in a higher replacement cost.

Garmisch St. serves as an important stormwater flow path from the Lift 1A portion of Ajax Mountain to the river. The Garmisch Street Stormwater Master Plan identifies key upgrades necessary to contain the 100-year flood within the limits of the street to decrease flooding on adjacent properties. The extent of the masterplan identified necessary upgrades within the pipe from Hopkins Ave to W Francis St then east down the bike path to tie into an existing pipe above the ACES parking lot. The recommended upgrades within the Masterplan extend a total of five blocks.

In 2018, the most downstream section of storm pipe was replaced and upgraded to align with the necessary improvements identified in the Masterplan. The upgraded section of pipe runs east-west, beneath the bike trail immediately north of the Red Brick Center for the Arts.

In 2022, another section of the Garmisch Street Stormwater Masterplan was completed in conjunction with the Paepcke Transit Hub project. The storm pipe along Garmisch, as it crosses under Main St., was upgraded to meet required carrying capacity.

The Yellow Brick Building has experienced drainage issues, particularly at the northwest corner of the building. The roof drains tie to outdated and ineffective drainage infrastructure, and the slopes in the area prevent storm runoff from continuing north toward the river. This causes damage to the building foundation over time. It also creates puddles in the summer and icing issues in the winter. The icy conditions make the area challenging to walk along. As the area serves families and pre-school aged children it was identified as a critical area for improvement. The stormwater improvements proposed along Hallam will relieve the area of drainage issues, improve the longevity of the building foundation, and provide a safer condition for the traveling public.

The watermains in this area are constructed of older, less suitable cast iron and are prime candidates for upgrades. By replacing the water mains at the same time as the storm pipes each utility will recognize a cost savings and limit disruptions to the surrounding neighborhood caused by future emergency repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.

The 2023, Garmisch Storm Pipe Replacement Project completed the next phase of the Garmisch Street Stormwater Master Plan and upgraded one more block of critical stormwater infrastructure.


Please contact our Senior Project Manager, Hailey Guglielmo, with questions or concerns.

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