Galena Cooper Living Lab

Galena Cooper Living Lab

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The City of Aspen is taking a big step in summer 2022 towards increasing safety and mobility in the downtown core for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

A living lab installed on South Galena Street from Main Street to Cooper Avenue and Cooper Avenue to Hunter Street from late June through September will allow the City to temporarily test the project and make modifications prior to any permanent safety and design improvements.


  1. Formalize one-way shared roadway for cyclists and vehicles
  2. Dedicated counter-flow bikeways
  3. Parallel parking
  4. Curb extensions at intersections
  5. Widened pedestrian areas
  6. No left turn onto Hyman from Galena

Data will be collected at four intersections on a three-block stretch over a 12-week period. An outreach team will also collect data from residents and business owners, conduct sidewalk surveys, and hold monthly pop-up events during the lab.


  • Improve the convenience, safety, and quality of experience for bicyclists and pedestrians on streets and trails
  • Develop a strategic parking plan that manages the supply of parking and reduces the adverse impacts of the automobile
  • Encourage alternative forms of transportation to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Increase safety by providing safe, balanced, and dedicated spaces for all users


The City of Aspen explored how right-of-way space could be allocated differently to increase safety for all modalities throughout 2021. At the direction of the City Council in 2022, Aspen's Engineering Department implemented recommendations designed to balance user priorities through dedicated spaces for each transportation mode while also encouraging people to slow down and share the road in a heavily trafficked area.


Attn General Contractors: Please click here for Updates to the Construction Mitigation Program and Construction Parking Impacts and Process in the Commercial Core. For additional Aspen Construction Vanpool/Shuttle/Carpool Sign-in Log sheets click here.


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