Submitting Tax Filing and Remitting Payment

Aspen's online software program is called MuniRevs and can be found at Any vendor with a physical presence and/or which provides services or ships goods into the City of Aspen should utilize this portal to obtain a business license and to report periodic tax filings.   If at any time, you need assistance with the initial business license application process and/or tax filing and remittance, both MuniRevs and the City of Aspen Finance Department are here to assist you. 

City of Aspen Customer Support
Hours of Operation8:30am to 4:30pm MST
Monday - Friday
Phone970-920-5035 - Nick Wenthur
970-920-5043 - Bebo Salib

NOTE: When contacting MuniRevs directly for support, please be sure to have / disclose your account number and indicate you are inquiring about the "City of Aspen" as the jurisdiction.

Filing Tax Returns

MuniRevs is designed to assist you in your routine tax filing process and will automatically send you an emailed reminder to submit your tax return and payment based on your filing schedule (monthly, quarterly or annually). Additionally, the software is structured to send delinquent notice(s) if a return an/or payment are not completed by the routine deadline (set as the 20th day of the month following the due date).

Following a successful login into your account within the MuniRevs portal, the "Business Center" window displayed on your home screen will show an Alert that "You have __ task(s) to complete", and further below, will show the open task(s) that will hyperlink to proceed.  To complete the tax filing, simply click on the "Submit Sales Tax Form (new)" link, and it will take you to the tax return.

tax filing open task           


Below is an example of what a sales tax return look like.  All fields in yellow are editable, whereas fields in white are automatically calculated for you.  After all applicable taxable sales are entered (sales tax, lodging tax, excess and tobacco taxes), the tax amount due and any applicable vendors fee deduction or additional penalty and interest will be calculated for you.  

Once all entries have been made and reviewed, the filer must enter his/her name and title before proceeding to make payment.  Once ready for this step, click Submit. If you are not ready to finalize the tax return and/or pay, you can save it and return at a later date to submit and pay.

How to Pay and Payment Options

After submitting your tax return, you will see a screen similar to that shown below, with a "Payment Method" button in the bottom right-hand corner. If you are a bookkeeper or representative of more than one business, you may see multiple accounts, and you will be able to check out multiple tax returns at once. You may also pay different tax account balances with different payment methods for each business. NOTE: EVEN IF YOU HAVE A ZERO DOLLAR TAX FILING, YOU STILL MUST PROCEED TO THE PAYMENT SCREEN TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION.  You will not need to enter any payment information for zero balance filings, but you must click "Complete Transaction" to close this periodic filing.

tax filing proceed to payment

Within the online portal, the City is able to take various forms of payment, including: e-checks (also known as a bank-to-bank transfer); ACH (also known as automated clearing house payments) provided if pre-approved by the City; and Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.  All credit card payments do require an additional 2% service fee if selected. American Express is not accepted at this time.