Aspen 311 Connect Instructions

Graphic box with test saying Getting started with Aspen311Connect

Aspen 311 Connect is a tool anyone can use to submit comments, questions, kudos, concerns, requests for help, or complaints. It is easy to use, but not meant for emergencies- if you are experiencing an emergency situation, please contact the Aspen Police or call 911. 

How do I contact the City with Aspen 311 Connect? 

To start, go to the Aspen 311 Connect page, and follow the prompts (Sign Up, Login, New Request, View Requests, Follow This Place). Find the appropriate category for your submission in order to avoid any delays. If you have trouble finding the right category, you can always click "Other/Miscellaneous." Here is some basic guidance on common issues and which department handles them.

What type of issues can be reported through Aspen 311 Connect? 

You should contact Aspen 311 Connect to request city services and information. Examples of typical calls include: 

  • Potholes 
  • Street Light Repair 
  • Parking - reporting illegally parked vehicles or abandoned cars 
  • Illegal Dumping 
  • Questions or kudos for City of Aspen employees

How can I get to Aspen 311 Connect? 

You have the choice of downloading the app on either iPhone or Android, or using the online portal. The portal is a webpage but it has very similar functionality to the app. 

How do I control the privacy of my identity in Aspen 311 Connect?

When submitting a request, multiple layers of identification can be invoked or circumvented, depending on how the user decides to interact with the application.

The first layer is user registration.  A user may opt to register an account, providing name, contact information, and ultimately creating credentials that can be used to allow the City to identify the submitter.  While this is not mandatory, it is recommended, so the City can easily respond to the submitter and handle the request.  

If a user decides to log in as a guest, they have either not registered at all or have logged out of their account. In this instance, they are anonymous to both the City and the public. However, it is likely that a  request submitted anonymously cannot be handled by the City – particularly if the request is of a certain nature (complaint about zoning, construction, etc.)

The second layer is anonymity. Just before submission of a ticket, there is an option to submit anonymously at the bottom of the request form.  If you select this option, the City will have no registration-based information to tell them who submitted the ticket, even if you are logged in.  The public will also be unable to view who submitted the ticket.  It is complete anonymity. Again, this means that if the City does not collect your name and contact information by some other method, they will likely not be able to process your request.

For this reason, some categories will ask for submitter and contact information that will be visible to the City, but not to the public online.  You will be able to identify these fields because below the field will be the words, “Not displayed publicly”. While this information will then be removed from display on the application when viewed by the public, the information will be received by the City, and available to the public if requested pursuant to a Colorado Records Request.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be advised that information provided to the City through the Aspen 311 Connect website or application will be subject to public disclosure pursuant the Colorado Open Records Act, Colo. Rev. Stat. sections 24-72-201, et seq.

How do I manage email notifications from Aspen 311 Connect?

When submitting a ticket, if you leave the "Subscribe to this Request" checkbox checked, you will receive an email every time something happens on that ticket.  To opt out of emails on any ticket, unclick this box. You can always check your submissions using the mobile app's View Requests -> My Requests feature.

What Hours is Aspen 311 Connect Available? 

Tickets in Aspen 311 Connect will not be checked on weekends, holidays, or non-business operation hours. However, you can submit your communication at any time, 24/7.  When City business hours resume, staff will receive and read your ticket. 

Who responds to Aspen 311 Connect requests? 

Employees of the City of Aspen reply to Aspen 311 Connect communications. 

Will Aspen 311 Connect help me reach other organizations like Pitkin County, Colorado State Patrol, or the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)? 

Aspen 311 Connect is for CIty of Aspen services only. Please DO NOT attempt to contact Pitkin County or CDOT through the city app or online portal.

Please contact Pitkin County directly on topics like:

  • COVID vaccinations and testing
  • Court-related issues or questions, unless it is for research on ordinance violations, speeding, disorderly conduct
  • Motor vehicle issues such as registration or VIN inspections
  • Anything fire-related such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.

Please contact the CO State Patrol (303.239.4500) or CDOT directly on topics like:

  • Dead animals on the side of the road
  • Traffic lights outside the City of Aspen boundaries (past Truscott)

How do I check the status of a request I submit? 

You must have submitted your communication by signing up and using your profile (non-anonymous).  If you log in to Aspen 311 Connect, you will be able to view tickets you have submitted and check on their status.

How do I reset my password or account email?

Aspen 311 Connect allows you to reset your password using a "Forgot Password" link. Clicking this link will send an email to your account, then you will be able to reset your password.

What do the categories mean? Can you provide more information?
Some categories may appear less self-explanatory than others. Here are some common categories and the type of information you can access through them:

  • Air Quality Complaint - Vehicles are not allowed to idle for over 5 minutes in Aspen because the City is in a box canyon. Air can quickly become polluted.  If you see anything threatening our air quality, you can use this category to ask about it or report it.

  • Gas Powered Leaf Blower - Gas-powered leaf blowers are only allowed to be used in certain areas at certain times.  Use this category to ask about or report a problem with a leaf blower.

  • General Noise Issue- This type of noise is handled by Environmental Health & Sustainability (EHS), and includes neighbor noise.  Other types of noise are handled by other departments.  For instance, Engineering handles Construction Noise. Special Events handles noise associated with special events.

  • Parking - "Parking" categories should be used to ask questions about parking or to report illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. IF YOU WISH TO DISPUTE A PARKING TICKET, please address these types of issues through the Parking System

  • Snow Removal - Snow removal is performed by different entities depending upon where the snow must be removed. Snow falling is handled by different departments in these areas: Streets, Trails, Private Sidewalks, The Downtown Mall, Mill Street Bridge Sidewalk, and Entrances to Alleyways and ADA ramps in Aspen Core.

    If you want to report a need for snow removal, please be very specific about where and on what the snow has accumulated. This will help route your request more directly to the appropriate department. The City of Aspen, through Aspen 311 Connect, does not handle snow and ice removal requests from sidewalks EXCEPT for the Pedestrian (Downtown) Mall, Mill Street Bridge, and the Red Brick Center for the Arts. Property owners are responsible for snow removal in front of their properties.  

    Enforcement of private sidewalk snow removal is handled by Community Resource Officers (police) and requests can go through their "Report a Crime" form.

  • Trash Receptacles - If a City of Aspen trash receptacle is damaged and there is a possibility of danger due to bears, please contact the Aspen Police Department.

  • Tree Lights - The Zoning department handles concerns about holiday lights (Community Development - Use not allowed by zoning, under permit issues).