Aspen Lumberyard Affordable Housing

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About Aspen Lumberyard Affordable Housing
This project is a direct response to the City of Aspen’s initiative to create more affordable housing. Since 2019, the project team has been engaging with the neighbors, stakeholders, technical advisors, and community-at-large to learn about the priorities and concerns related to the potential development of the project site. Throughout 2020, the City developed additional layers of information to support decision-making, including engineering studies, building design, character images, and site plans. During this time, the community provided feedback through a variety of opportunities to help develop a preferred master plan presented to City Council.

Community Input – Framing the Future
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  1. Property History
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In 2008, the City used affordable housing funds to purchase approximately 7 acres at the BMC West lumberyard. A lease was offered to a new lumber sales company through mid-2025 while the City banked the land until Council was ready to pursue an affordable housing project there. The mini storage lot, an adjacent 3 acre parcel, was purchased in 2019 to create a contiguous 10 acre property.