Marolt Open Space Management Plan

The Marolt and Thomas Open Spaces have a rich history in Aspens mining and ranching roots.  From railroads and mining buildings to agriculture and baseball fields, these parcels have always been an integral part of the community.  Today, the two parcels comprise approximately 70 acres of open space, bike paths, trails, benches, irrigation ditches, river access, community garden, historical sites and more.  The area is used by walkers, hikers, Nordic skiers, paragliders, mountain bikers, school commuters and work commuters among more.  Located at the entrance to Aspen, these open space properties remind residents and visitors alike that the community values open space and natural environments, which enhance the quality of life.

In the summer of 2021 the Parks and Open Space staff finalized the Marolt Open Space Management Plan. This comprehensive document looks at existing conditions, captures the public process and outlines the future of the space including: maintenance, natural resource management,  historic resource management, recreation and trails management, agriculture and the community garden and special events.  

2021 Marolt Management Plan