Take Action

Ready to actively steward our environment? We've got a few ideas for you...

Switch your energy supply
  • On Holy Cross? Click here to sign up for their renewable energy purchase program and make your energy supply 100% renewable.
  • Explore installing Solar PV or Thermal, Geothermal or Micro-hydro in your home or on your property. Click here for more information and assistance through our partners at Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE).
Make your home more energy efficient whether you own or rent!
  • Sign up for a home energy assessment through our partners at Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE).
  • Electrify! Switch natural gas appliances to electric
  • Connect us with your property manager for an assessment of your whole HOA or complex. Reach out to our staff. 
Improve your business or building’s energy efficiency
Avoid driving alone
Watch your waste
  • Think about how much waste you create and decide where you can easily cut down
  • Email Waste@aspen.gov to sign up for the free compost drop off shed at the Rio Grande Recycle Center.
  • Learn more about the Rio Grande Recycle Center here
  • Pitkin County residents may use their $100 credit at the Pitkin County Landfill for recycling all materials.
Consider reducing your air travel
  • For unavoidable trips, offset your carbon using a tool like the Good Traveler by our partners at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).