Electric Community Investment Fee

The Electric Department must expand the electric system facilities to accommodate new development without decreasing current reliability and service standards.  The Electric Department distributes electricity to the customers in its service area by means of an integrated and interdependent system-wide network of electric facilities.  The Electric Community Investment (ECI) fee will be charged to any customer requesting services for new development and expansion of existing services within the service area.  The ECI will provide additional capital to the Electric Department to pay for a portion of the new facilities needed to deliver electric services to new and expanded services.  Effective January 1, 2018, all residential, commercial and city facilities customers of the Aspen Electric Department shall pay the ECI fee.


Municipal Code, Sec. 25.04.035

2021 Electric Community Investment Fee Information and Fee Structure

Electric Transformer Loaded, Ready for Installation

Electric transformer on truck

Electric Service Area Map

Aspen Electric System Boundaries2 FINAL