Community Survey

Customer Feedback

The City of Aspen believes that it is essential to continually evaluate how we are doing at meeting our customer's expectations. This includes identifying ways to improve to keep our community a great place to live and work. To do this, the City conducts an annual Community Survey (formerly called the Citizen Survey) to evaluate the performance of a variety of city services. 

2022 Community Survey

The City of Aspen contracted with an independent consulting company, Elevated Insights, to conduct the 2022 Aspen Community Survey; the survey was available from February 28 through March 25, 2022. This survey was a crucial way for community members to get involved and help shape Aspen's future. As a City, we rely on residents' feedback to help us better understand community priorities, preferences and opinions to serve you and your neighbors better. Feedback was anonymous as Elevated Insights collected all responses and compiled the data. Paper copies were also provided upon request. 

City staff, along with representatives from Elevated Insights, presented results from the 2022 Aspen Community Survey to City Council in a work session on June 13, 2022. The following materials were shared and are available for community members to also review:

Survey Results Archive

The full report of results for the past several years is available in our Citizen Survey Results archive.